Wren, adopted 4/2019
June 6th, 2022 8:58 am     A+ | a-
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“We adopted Wren in April 2019. I was looking for a small chihuahua and it’s very hard to find adoptable ones locally. Little Wren at 2 Many Dogs came up in an online search. While she was our fifth rescue, we’d always rescued locally, so it was quite a leap of faith to get a rescue from thousands of miles away without getting to meet the pup first. Or knowing anything about the organization and if you could trust them. Marianne understood our fears and did everything she could to allay them. She answered my endless questions and sent videos and testimonials from other adopters. We had to wait a few extra weeks until Wren had a completely clean bill of health. She arrived 100 percent healthy and we’ve had no issues since. Wren is a wonderful addition to our family. We love and highly recommend 2 Many Dogs and Marianne!”

Taitia Shelow, Pittsburgh PA
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